Super KIDS Sports

SKS Term Dates*

1st Term 2024

10 Weeks (MON & FRI 9 WEEKS)

Monday: 5th Feb – 8th Apr
Tuesday: 6th Feb – 9th Apr
Wednesday: 7th Feb – 10th Apr
Thursday: 8th Feb – 11th Apr
Friday: 9th Feb – 12th Apr

Public Holidays:
FRI 29th Mar
MON 1st Apr

2nd Term 2024

(10 weeks (MON 9 weeks)

Monday: 29th Apr – 1st Jul
Tuesday: 30th Apr – 2nd Jul
Wednesday: 1st May – 3rd Jul
Thursday: 2nd May – 4th Jul
Friday: 3rd May – 5th Jul

Public Holidays:
MON 10th Jun 

3rd Term 2024

10 Weeks

Monday: 22nd Jul – 23rd Sep
Tuesday: 23rd Jul – 24th Sep
Wednesday: 24th Jul – 25th Sep
Thursday: 25th Jul – 26th Sep
Friday: 26th Jul – 27th Sep 

4th Term 2023

10 Weeks

Monday: 9th Oct – 11th Dec
Tuesday: 10th Oct – 12th Dec
Wednesday: 11th Oct – 13th Dec
Thursday: 12th Oct – 14th Dec
Friday: 13th Oct – 15th Dec 


You are welcome to attend a free trial and join SKS at any time during the term (subject to availability). You will only be charged for the remaining weeks in the term.

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